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PowerQI Charging Pad

Posted on May 4, 2013 by in Single Device | 0 comments


Universal Charging: The Inductive Charger has Qi, the new universal standard for charging. You can charge any Qi-enabled device today, tomorrow and beyond.

Large Qi Charging Zone: 1 large zone for wireless charging.

Freedom of Placement: No annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your device.

Indicator Lights: On when you’re charging, off when you’re full.

Intelligent Induction: Prevents overcharging with standby mode once you’re fully charged. USB Port: Charge a third device, with or without Qi

Power Source: AC Adaptor plugs into charging pad; no plugs needed for devices with Qi-enabled sleeve or door Transmitter:

Input: DC19V1A

Frequency: 100-200KHz

Wireless distance : 5mm

Input: 5V

Charger current: 500mA-700mAh

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