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Low-Profile Helios Wireless Charger

Posted on Nov 16, 2012 by in Built in / DIY | 3 comments


Helios™ Wireless Charger by Leggett & Platt® is an inductive charging system new to the office and hospitality furniture business. Using Qi technology, Helios integrates into furniture surfaces for convenient service. Intelligently designed, Helios recognizes the type of electronic device placed on the charging pad and adjusts to its specific needs for optimum efficiency. Qi-enabled devices are on the grow. The practical benefits behind wireless power are obvious. Anyone who has been inconvenienced by wires, cords, and chargers can look forward to charging their devices wirelessly. By simply placing the device on the charging surface, electronics recharge. Already commonly used in Asia, American and European producers are quickly jumping on board with this innovative technology. Now’s the time to make the investment. Be on the forefront of technology in hospitality and residential furnishings. Team your great products with Qi-enabled Helios by Leggett & Platt.


Leggett & Platt


Low-Profile Helios Wireless Charger

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  1. Where can these be purchased from?

    • Currently they are only sold through Leggett & Platt. We are actively trying to become a Helios reseller so we can sell them to those looking to integrate qi chargers into whatever surfaces can accommodate the Helios.
      We can keep you posted if you would like.
      Thanks for visiting!

      • Oh that’d be great. I contacted them and they were less then helpful. I simply would like to purchase a few of these, but never realized how difficult that would be.

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